Are We Little Christs?

What does it mean to be a christian?  Where does ROTC fit in?  Are we believing Jesus or are we believing our own ideas?  Should there be a discrepancy?  


Spiritual Fruit Part 2

What’s the big deal about spiritual fruit?  What’s true about intimacy?  What if we’re focused completely on the wrong things and we don’t even know it?  

Listen as Kate shares the surprising conclusion to part 1.

1 Introduction and Feast of Trumpets

Many years ago, my local church hosted a seminar called, “Jesus and the Biblical Feasts.”  I was blessed to attend each session and then later purchased the Cds.

This series has been foundational in my personal life in many ways and I am happy to share it with you.  I will also share the notes as soon as I find them.    

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