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Hello again!  I can hardly believe it’s been SO long since I wrote anything here.  Dealing with the inner healing process is indeed amazing, as I am finding bits and pieces here and there which I had totally neglected or forgotten about!  This blog is one of those things!!!

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and I just read a really cool blog post from a guy who writes well about true things.  I made comment and noticed my gravitar was set to an email address I no longer use…and as I set about to make changes realized I need to update here, too!

I do not like using wordpress formats so I am using  I created a bit of a massive website presence for myself over at Exuberant for Life expanding with the platform I’ve been using since 2004.   The new site is jammed full of stuff and I’m constantly adding new content.   I’d love it if you’d please come over there and check it out!!!  EXUBERANT FOR LIFE.



The Abiding Principle: John 15

I’m hooked on John fifteen.

It’s so important that we understand the context of verses we hear and read. Sometimes just a verse or two can be taken out to teach us a truth or principle. This is helpful as we gain glimpses of understanding of who God is and how He works.

John 15:7 is quoted a lot…, “ask whatever you will, and it shall be done for you.”

There are several implications. For example, 1) we need to voice what we want, expressing it verbally to our heavenly Father. It’s not enough to just think our needs or ask silently. Jesus doesn’t say here, “ask aloud” but based on lots of other things He says in other places I think He means ask in prayer and say it out loud.

Second, what we “will” will be done for us! I don’t know if the word “will” here (I’m using the Amplified Bible) means want or need, but either way it’s good news that what we need/want will be provided.

I have heard this verse used to encourage believers to ask of the Lord ~ and so it should be used. However, these same people who learn this principle about the Lord and how things work within His kingdom should also be taught the abiding principle. There are six and a half verses leading up to the end of verse seven.

Read John 15: 1-6. Jesus explains a process. Vine dresser; vine; branches; fruit. There are many truths within this chapter!  As time permits I’ll go into more.

As I crawl through Brennan Manning’s book, The Ragamuffin Gospel this hits:

“It remains a startling story to those who never understand that the men and women who are truly filled with light are those who have gazed deeply into the darkness of their imperfect existence.”


A Warning to the Self Sufficient

Leaning on the Lord – clinging, trusting, obeying and relying on Him is the most important thing we can do.  The Amplified Bible uses those four ideas in the one word, “believe.”  Believe on the Lord Jesus!

Mr. Germann at Columbia Bible College taught me this:
R. O. T. C. =

The danger is in trusting in ourselves.

We cannot make ourselves like Jesus.  That’s His job.  There are so many things we cannot do…but one thing is clear:  obedience for the believer is NOT an option.  1 Samuel 15:22 gave me chills this morning as the Lord gave me stern warning:

“Samuel said, Has the Lord as great a delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as in obeying the voice of the Lord?  Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams.”
The next verse terrifies me.
“For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as idolatry and teraphim (household good luck images).  Because you have rejected the word of the Lord, He also has rejected you from being king.”
If we do not obey we are in grave error.  Oh that the Lord would CAUSE us to hear His loving-kindness in the morning.  May Psalm 143: 8 & 10 be the cry of our hearts:
“Cause me to hear Your lovingkindness in the morning, for on You do I lean and in You do I trust.  Cause me to know the way wherein I should walk, for I lift up my inner self to You.  Teach me to do Your will, for You are my God; let Your good Spirit lead me into a level country and into the land of uprightness.”